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Thousands of people from all over the world are dealing with weight problems. This is mainly caused by poor diet and inadequate exercise. Because of this, markets have introduced hundreds of fat burner products that will help backup the widespread weight problems. However, more than 95% of all available fat burners don’t work which makes it very hard to look for an effective one you can use. With many hours of research, we have come up with the top three fat burners of the decade.

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Lipofuze Review

Phen375 Review

Xyphedrine Review
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First, let us talk about fat and why do we need fat burners for it. Most of us nowadays eat fatty foods, fast foods and junk foods. With all the excess we digest into our body, it will take a long time for these to all go out. Some of these fats don’t go out at all and they get trapped along the different parts of our body. This is what causes us to gain lots of weight and look fat.

Fat burners help in burning the excess fats we ingest. Because we don’t always have time for exercise, and sometimes even exercising does not burn all the fat, we need support in getting rid of the trapped fats in our body. Good thing there are fat burners that medical experts have developed to help us flush out all the unwanted fats accumulated inside our bodies.

The problem with this however is that because of the weight loss industry getting so hyped, a lot of manufacturers produce scam fat burners that don’t work at all. Like we mentioned earlier, 95% of them are just scam. This is what makes it so hard to find one that works, despite the promising ads they all tell us.

What you need is a narrow selection of fat burner choices so you can have an idea which is the most effective and mostly used fat burner out there. To help you out, we conducted a research and browsed through fat burner reviews on the internet. We have come up with the top three fat burners.

Top Rated Fat Burners of 2012

# 1 Lipofuze ratingRating: 5 / 5

Lipofuze Ratings
Fat Burner 98/100
Effectiveness 98/100
Appetite Suppression 97/100
Speed of Results 98/100
Ingredients 99/100
Safety 99/100
Customer’s Support 99/100
Overall 98/100
1 Year Supply $38.24 / bottle
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Lipofuze reached our number one top fat burner products. We chose this for our number one based on the positive reviews it got from its users. The product’s banner even says “Lose weight fast and keep it off” which is what users claimed the product to be. What makes this product effective is its 10 patented weight loss ingredients which are clinically proven to eliminate binge eating, burn fat weight, boost your energy, build lean, slim and sexy muscles as get the perfect body.

So far, Lipofuze has 95% customer approval rate which is pretty good among the many products that were marked as scam by most of their users. The science of losing weight and burning fat is by eating less and exercising but this can take long term work. But guess what, it actually doesn’t work that way. With traditional weight loss, you only shed muscle mass and water weight but on the outside, it doesn’t seem as if anything changed. It can only be done by burning fat and increasing muscle mass.

With Lipofuze, you can help increase your body’s metabolic mechanism which will boost fat burning enzymes and curb your appetite. This is what makes you sculpt your body into a perfect form.

Lipofuze is guaranteed 100% risk-free so it is worth trying out! Their lifetime money back guarantee is also a proof of its effectiveness while keeping your money in safe hands.

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# 2 Phen375 rating

Phen375 Ratings
Effectiveness 95/100
Fat Burner 96/100
Appetite Suppression 96/100
Speed of Results 96/100
Ingredients 97/100
Safety 97/100
Customer’s Support 98/100
Overall 96/100
1 Year Supply $40.83 / bottle
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Our top two fat burning product is Phen375. This is another very effective fat burner that offers really quick results. What Phen375 emphasizes is the benefits of having losing weight such as: general mobility, improved sleep, and increased energy, reduction of aches and pains and overall contentment. These are what they really want to offer their customers and just to look thinner. Of course, these will benefit you in the long run as your life will be improved completely.

Health experts who developed Phentemine 375 spent years of research into their best selling Phentermine diet pills which are known to be the most powerful appetite suppressant and fat burner. Phen375 contains the most powerful fat burning ingredients and they not only work in boosting metabolism and suppressing appetite, they also work in decreasing the body’s ability of storing fat.

With Phen375, you will be able to stop your food cravings which ruin your diet. Thus, your calorie intake will be lower without having a strong willpower to control it. This is what makes it easier for you to lose weight while using this great product.

Phen375 ensures its users of losing three to five pounds of weight per week on average. That is one great start for your goal of maintaining a healthy body figure.

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# 3 Xyphedrine rating

Xyphedrine Ratings
Effectiveness 85/100
Fat Burner 85/100
Appetite Suppression 85/100
Speed of Results 70/100
Ingredients 75/100
Safety 80/100
Customer’s Support 65/100
Overall 75/100
1 Year Supply $32.41 / bottle
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The product that reached our top three best fat burners is Xyphedrine. This is a guaranteed high performance weight loss formula that is the world’s first chemically altered diet pill. Imagine losing 10 pounds or more with a money back guarantee.

The effective ingredients of Xyphedrine are dicaffeine malate, chocamine, phenylethylamine, synephrine HCL and others that helps the body get rid of its excess fat. They also help in suppressing your appetite so you won’t eat more than you can digest.

One thing about Xyphedrine is it uses the newest scientific breakthrough in weight loss technology, designing to stimulate cocaine amphetamine regulatory transcript (C-A-R-T). This is the key to losing weight fast! These are drugs that kick the metabolic rates into its max.

When choosing the best fat burner, always look for those with appetite suppressant formulas because unless you are eating less than you can digest, you will continue gaining weight. Also make sure that it comes from a trusted manufacturer and that your money goes in safe hands. These three top fat burners are sure to help solve your weight problems quickly and effectively.