Home made fat burner shakes

People become overweight or obese because the excess food they eat is converted into fats that are stored for future use. The main culprit is usually carbohydrates, especially from many refined foods that make up a big percentage of or diets nowadays. There studies that indicate that this state of affairs could be altered if people eat more protein in their diet instead of concentrating on carbohydrates.

Home made fat burners

Eating more protein means that your body will store smaller amounts of fat, you will have more strength and blood sugar will levels will also be lower. Fat burner protein shakes made from whey protein can play a critical role in enhancing metabolism, lean protein production and of course weight loss.

Fat burner recipe #1

This is  a simple fat burner protein shake to make the requires 1 ½ cups of skimmed milk, ½ cup frozen fruit of your choice, 2 scoops of vanilla, 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, ice and a blender.

1st step: Pick the fruit you intend to use for your protein shake, clean and peel it after which you preserve it in a clean container after slicing it into small pieces. Freeze it because the frozen fruit will intensify the depth and taste of the shake and give your beverage the perfect chilling effect.

2nd step: Pour the milk into the blender and add the fruit, whey powder and cinnamon. Cover the blender and mix them on high speed so that the fruit is blended well enough and all the ingredients mix properly.

3rd step: Taste the fat burner shake and add more fruit if it is necessary and ale examine the consistency of the shake. Put in the ice and blend again to the required consistency. You may have to begin with ¼ cup of ice and continue to add as required.

Fat burner recipe #2

For this next home made fat burner you will need protein powder, frozen fruit, yogurt and coconut oil or perhaps shredded coconut.

1st step: The first stage involves getting the protein powder and if you can you may want to use the best quality protein powder such as whey protein whish is absorbed fat by the body. Anyone with an allergy or those who are vegan may want to try alternatives such as rice protein, egg white or even soy.

2nd step: You can choose a fluid base which could be water, juice, milk or even a blend of any of them. Your choice will depend on the amount of calories you want to take in or perhaps if there are any allergies you have to take care of. Those allergic to milk could substitute with goat milk, soy milk, almond or hemp.

3rd step: Get the chosen fruit or several fruits; add in the shredded coconut or coconut oil, then your regular or frozen yogurt and shake all the ingredients until you have a perfect consistency will all the ingredients mixed well.


You now have your protein fat burner shakes and you are ready for your fat burning business. The choice of ingredients could be altered in order to change the taste or nutritional content as desired.

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